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Ever since 1988, they are a proudly Kiwi organisation. Fuelling people with courage and adrenaline.


Bungy has always been a life-changing experience. It began with a small group of people in Vanuatu. They fearlessly threw themselves from huge towers for centuries with merely a few vines around their feet. They called it ‘land-diving’, and legend says that it started when a mistreated wife threw herself from a tall tree, saving herself with the vines while the husband fell to his death.
The event was reconstructed annually, only by women. Eventually, men would join in to prove their courage, and the tradition is upheld to this day.


AJ Hackett, along with a few mates, saw a video of this group in action and, in true Kiwi fashion, his imagination took over. He and Henry van Asch started developing Bungy cords with a bit of help from Auckland University Scientists. They knew people would be just as pumped as they were to take a leap of faith, push the limits and live without fear. After some extensive testing, they needed a radical way to demonstrate their faith in the Bungy ropes.
What they did would make headlines around the world. In June 1987 they snuck up the Eiffel Tower at night. The next morning, AJ jumped from the iconic building, he was immediately arrested and released 5 minutes later.
Bungy took off, the world’s first commercial Bungy operation opened at the Kawarau Bridge in November 1988.
Visitors would soon flock in from around the world to take part, in what would eventually be recognised at the birth of adventure tourism in New Zealand.


It’s been 32 years, but they’re still just as committed to the customers mustering up the courage to do something they’ll never forget. Across six sites in three iconic Kiwi destinations – Queenstown, Auckland and Taupo – they continue to unleash adrenaline-fueled adventures on the world’s thrill-seekers!
With three decades and a 100% spotless safety record under their belt, they’ve expanded that is more than ‘just’ Bungy.

With 13 ground-breaking products on offer – from giant swings to bridge climbs, zip rides to Catapults and four unique Bungy experiences – they’re well and truly holding their place at the cutting edge of global adventure tourism.


In the business since 1988, the safety, security and enjoyment of customers is absolute number one priority. Safety is paramount to everything that they do.
With over 31 years experience in the industry, they know what they’re doing, and have thorough procedures in place to ensure your well-being. Their equipment and procedures are continually assessed, and done in accordance with national and international industry standards.



NEVIS BUNGY – Go full throttle with our 134m Bungy (the highest in New Zealand). Free fall for 8.5 seconds in a blitz of pure fear and adrenaline.

NEVIS SWING – Most Famous Swing in the World. Swing by yourself or tandem with a friend – forwards, backwards, upside down – you choose. You’ll complete the 300m arc!

NEVIS CATAPULT – Ride the world’s biggest human catapult. Embrace your inner superhero and take flight as you are propelled 150m out across the Nevis Valley, soaring through the air at exhilarating speed – with up to 3Gs of force.

KAWARAU BRIDGE BUNGY – As you shuffle out to the edge of the bridge, heart pounding and mind racing, remember this – you’ve found yourself at the World Home of Bungy. This is the original. Many people have come and gone, on a mission to push the limits and test themselves. Time for you to make the same leap of faith. You’ll complete 43m and have option to Tandem with a friend and also to touch the water.

KAWARAU ZIPRIDE – Whether you’re a family with kids or a family of mates, the Zipride will have you bolting down our 130m line at over 60k’s an hour. Our three lines are side by side, letting everyone take off from our Kawarau Bungy Centre in a hot pursuit for the finish line. Don’t be afraid to get creative – there are lots of ways you can ride the Zipride including our favourite ‘Superman’!

LEDGE BUNGY – It’s up to you how you decide to Bungy at The Ledge. It’s freestyle, and you’ve got a short gondola ride to the top to make up your mind. Fling yourself off the edge of our platform high above Queenstown.

LEDGE SWING – As the gondola goes up and up, you’ll start to appreciate just how high above Queenstown you’re sitting. You’re heading to the home of The Ledge Swing – a stomach-dropper where you’ll release the cord yourself to swing out past the people still heading up the mountain.



BRIDGE BUNGY – Old meets new – the most enduring sight on the Auckland horizon is also home to a Bungy operation of epic proportions. Our Bungy Pod is attached underneath the bridge, and is ready to go for thrill-seekers looking for a buzz in New Zealand’s biggest city. You can even dip your head in the ocean below, bouncing back up feeling fierce and unstoppable.

BRIDGE CLIMB – Scaling the Auckland Harbour Bridge is rewarding, educational and something a bit different. It’s a fully-guided tour which will take you right to the top – giving you a 360 degree view of Auckland. With custom engineered walkways, its not only safe, but a pretty cool team bonding exercise too.

SKYWALK – Take a walk on the wild side at the top of New Zealand’s highest building. With no handrails to separate you from the 192m drop, you’ll be doing some adrenaline-fuelled challenges designed to get your heart racing while you take in those epic 360-degree views of the City of Sails.

SKYJUMP – It’s the ultimate leap of faith – a jump from NZ’s highest building with nothing but a wire between you and the ground 192m down! SkyJump gives you 11 seconds of pure adrenaline as you plunge 53 floors down at a speed of 85kph. You’ll feel like a total boss when you stick the landing in SKYCITY Plaza.


BUNGY – Toes over the edge, you’re about to leap from New Zealand’s only cliff-top Bungy. The cantilever platform positions you high out and over the crystal clear waters of the Waikato River – where you can jump solo or tandem with a friend. Choose to be dunked or go dry.

SWING – Experience the fun and thrills of the Taupō Swing – an exhilarating giant swing over the Waikato River. With speeds of up to 70kph, this full-on ride will have you soaring through the air before swooping out across the river. Swing solo – or with a friend, either way it’s something you’ll want to do again, and again, and again…


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