About Cityhop

Cityhop is New Zealand’s leading car sharing service. They provide on-demand access to cars by the hour or the day in Auckland & Wellington with more cities coming.
Was co-founded in 2007 by former Auckland City Councillor Victoria Carter who wanted to provide the community access to a safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly car. For over a decade Cityhop has been committed to helping create liveable cities, giving our enthusiastic car sharing members a way of living with one less car.

When you book a Cityhop you are charged by the hour and the distance travelled. As a personal member, you’ll have to choose a membership type when signing up, pick between Hop Starter and Hop Regular, each membership type has its own advantages so pick the one that best suits your needs. Daily rate applies when you book between 6 and 24 hours and this includes 150 free kilometres, additional kilometres on the daily rate are charged at $0.25 per km. They have an Overnight Special option that has 60% off when booking between 5 pm and 9 am Sunday – Thursday. Ts&Cs Apply.


Sustainability Mission

Cityhop members make a significant difference to the community. After joining Cityhop, members drive less and use active and public transport more. This means less congestion, less road trauma, and less vehicle emissions. On average every member reduces their carbon emissions by 394kg CO2-e after joining car share.

Auckland Transport’s 2018 research into Cityhop members found that after joining Cityhop:

  • People use active transport 36% more.
  • People use public transport 40% more often.
  • And 49% lived without a car, sold a car, or delayed a purchase of a car.
  • Global research indicates round-trip car share cars can replace up to 15 privately owned vehicles giving backspace to the city.
  • Car share members are shown to become multimodal travellers choosing the most efficient form for each journey, increase public transport usage and are more active.
  • The average Cityhop member saves 392 KG CO2-e every year!

Registration Types

HOP REGULAR – $10 Monthly Fee | Lower Rates | Each booking includes Fuel, Insurance & Parking.

HOP STARTER – Free to Sign Up | No Monthly Fees | Each booking includes Fuel, Insurance & Parking.

Click here to be directed and check the values according to each type of vehicle

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How do I join?

Complete our sign-up form online.
You will need to be over 18, and have your driver’s licence and debit/credit card. Once you’ve completed your registration simply email photos of the front and back of your licence to info@cityhop.co.nz


How it Works


1. Sign Up
Apply online, have your driver’s licence and a payment card to hand. (Make sure you are compliant with the New Zealand Transport Agency Conditions).
2. Get a Keycard
You can choose to collect a Cityhop keycard from one of these locations, or wait 2-3 working days for us to post one.
3. Book a Car
Log in online, view all vehicles available for the time you need
Sign up to Cityhop
Pick up a Keycard
Book a Cityhop Trip
4. Find Your Car
Collect the car at its home location.

5. Unlocking/Locking
Tap your keycard on the windscreen reader to unlock.

6. Returning the Car
To end your booking just return the car to where you collected it.
Find your car Unlocking/Locking your car Returning and ending your trip
8. Contact Us
The Cityhop team love nothing more than helping our members.
Sign up to Cityhop Contact Us


As a member of Kiwi Education you can enjoy a $20 discount on your next booking, if you’re a new member you will still receive a $10 discount promo code on your first trip and can avail of our free sign up.

Important: Ts&Cs Apply: Minimum 2 hour booking. Cannot be used in conjunction with pod specials or other promotions. Damage cover not included. Not applicable to vans. Expires 31/12/2020. Valid for Kiwi Education members ONLY.


Currency: NZD : 3.78 BR