Fullers 360

Kiwi Education has a partnership with Fullers 360.
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About Fullers 360

Fullers360 is a ferry and tourism company located in Auckland. It operates in the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbour, was born in 1981 from the love that Hudson family has to the Hauraki Gulf.
For more than 35 years, they’ve been connecting Aucklanders and visitors to where they need to be – getting them to the big job interview or that once-in-a-lifetime experience. their network unifies the entire Gulf.  Ferrying six million people every year. They get commuters to work, visitors to play and transport food, freight and special cargo — like kiwi, tuatara and wētāpunga–  between the mainland and the islands.

By the numbers

Fullers360 transports more than 5.5 million resident and visitor passengers each year – allowing them to explore 18 unique destinations. To accommodate increasing demand, they’ve grown their fleet to 21 vessels, including our two newest additions, Kororā and Tōrea. Plus, Fullers360-owned Waiheke Bus Company operates 11 vehicles to service the island’s bus routes and tour products.

Their Vision for Gulf 2025

They have big plans for the Hauraki Gulf. See just how much ferries benefit Auckland – and how these numbers could grow with a new connected vision for our city’s ferry network.



Fullers Group runs ferries from the Auckland Ferry Terminal under the Fullers360 branding and operates to:

Also operate tourism packages and tours alongside ferry services at its island destinations.

Timetables & Fares

The hours can vary mainly in the summer and winter so our suggestion is that enter the company website. Click here to go directly to the page or here to download the timetable (nov/2020).
Remember that you can use your AT HOP Card to pay and the app of AT HOP to check the timetable and fares. For more information click here.

You can buy your ticket online and access the discounted online rate, also we are able to purchase directly to the company. If you want just send us a message that we can help you with that.
With your pre-purchased e-ticket you’ll be able to skip the on-wharf ticket queue, with some change in your pocket.

We have a partnership with the company and we are able to make the purchase directly! Contact us and see how you can benefit from this partnership.

Currency: NZD : 4.16 BR